Horse Leasing and Showing



Lesson students at Haverhill Equestrian have the opportunity to lease school horses, which can provide riders with the opportunity to have an extra ride each week. Additionally, the responsibilities of leasing allow students to “test” horse ownership, as a rider “owns” the horse for a day and is responsible for preparing the horse and making arrangements for supervision.

Leasing may be especially helpful for riders who want to increase equestrian skills or who are planning to purchase a horse. Most of our lesson horses are of show quality and participate on the local circuits. Partial and full on-site leases are available. Contact your instructor or Carol for details.


Haverhill participates in and hosts various VHSA shows throughout the year.  Showing can be a fun and important part of riding as it helps a rider set and achieve personal goals. No matter a rider’s level of experience or participation in Haverhill programs (owning, leasing, or just taking lessons), the trainers at Haverhill can help everyone meet personal show goals.  Talk to your trainer if you are interested in participating in going to a show.

Jessica coaching a rider for the Deep Run “A” show local derby course.

Horseshowing teaches responsibility, horsemanship, sportsmanship, and gives a rider the opportunity to show what he or she has learned. We always have a great time at horse shows whether they are at our farm or away.