Horse Lessons and Leasing Program

At Haverhill, we pride ourselves on having safe, sound of mind and body, happy horses!  Typically, horses get one to two days off a week, and they never go more than an hour and a half a day (most of the time they go for a half hour to an hour, 5-6 days a week).  This keeps our horses happy and healthy!

**Don’t miss your ride!  With our indoor!**


The lesson program at Haverhill Equestrian was established in 2006.  Since then, Carol Straus and the trainers have carefully crafted a safe environment and teaching practices to promote the teaching of effective, safe riders who know the importance of proper horsemanship.

The staff at Haverhill has chosen their string of school horses based on quality and tempermanet.  Each horse has a day or two off a week making for happy horses and fun and safe rides for all ages.

Leasing and Showing

In addition to providing lessons for interested riders, Haverhill Equestrian also offers leasing and show opportunities to clients. Most of our school horses are for lease or for sale. Please contact Carol should you be interested in one of our four-legged family members.


We are happy to help you find your new best friend!  Please see your trainer for details if you are interested in leasing or purchasing a horse.  There is a 10% commission payable to the trainer for all sales and purchases of horses.

More Information

Read more information about lessons or leasing and showing at Haverhill.