At Haverhill, we pride ourselves on having safe, sound of mind and body, happy horses!  Typically, horses get one to two days off a week, and they never go more than an hour and a half a day (most of the time they go for a half hour to an hour, 5-6 days a week).  This keeps our horses happy and healthy!

Our Horses

XanderPoint and Shoot aka Xander teaches beginners the ropes, and has the smoothest trot and easiest canter departs! Xander loves going into the field and cutting loose! Xander was Jess’s ‘kid’ horse, and she’s had him for 12 years!





Dum Luck aka Lucky is Jessica’s favorite pony! He is fat and comfortable, and if you get him going, he’ll jump the big jumps and even do a lead change if the planets align!





 Jreplace jester with one of theseokes on You aka Jester is Carol’s favorite lesson pony!  Jester does beginner through advanced lessons, because he is just that perfect! He got his name because he was born on April Fool’s Day!




Riley aboard Zippy with Coach Jessica at Brandywine, 5/26/2013. Photo Credit: Thomas Tudor with Priceless Photography.

Zippin the Wrong Way aka Zippy is a POA, which means Pony of the America’s! He came to Haverhill because sadly, he didn’t have any spots, but we find him quite flashy with all his chrome (white)! Zippy is a great lesson and show pony, and has a great jump!




Daytrippin or Spencer as he is known around the barn, was Karly’s competition horse and is now owned by Haverhill.  He is a very large (17.3) TB that is one of our solid show horses!






Old Havana, or Bacardi, as he is known, was owned and trained by Jessica and is now a Haverhill school horse.  He has quickly become a fan favorite!




Snap Decision, or Guiness, is one of our show horses that is an advanced school horse.





Benji is a TB that is used for advanced lessons.  He is very brave to the jumps and has his flying lead changes!







In Memory Of….


Kipling was Carol’s sweet, and prankster, appendix gelding. He was notorious for being able to escape his stall and generally playing jokes on his people. Here, he is pictured at Coventry showing with Jessica when he was around 9 years old.

Tucker was Jessica’s horse, and was a barn favorite. He was very kind, careful, and patient. He was an OTTB that Jessica got straight from the track and traveled with her while she was in college. His pleasant demeanor and easy rideability made him a barn favorite. This is Jessica and Tucker at the CHSA Classic in 2012.