***Looking for our prizelist?  Here it is!  Meadow Hill Prizelist

Family Owned and Operated

At Haverhill Farm, we strive to provide individual attention to both horse and rider.  Whether you are looking for the best of care at an affordable price for your horse, or individual attention for your rider learning about horses, Haverhill is the place for you!

What else makes Haverhill different?  All of our trainers are college educated or certified instructing adults and stress to our riders the importance of education.  School first, horses second! Jessica, trainer and scheduler, is also a teacher and is an advocate of individualized learning for both horse and rider which has been adopted in the Haverhill Lesson and Training Program.  To that end, we believe in private and semi-private instruction, and our group lessons are scheduled with four riders.  Smaller groups and individual attention fosters growth and learning for all ages and riding levels.  To set up a lesson, email hhfjas@gmail.com.

Come see what’s different!  Schedule a tour or an assessment lesson today!